February 21, 2014

My learning journey continues… today!

So as I pack my bags to start travelling once again I ponder about buying a new suitcase.  This year I have fifteen speaking and training trips that I know about already that are planned and in the calendar.

I know that I don’t actually need a new case, my current two (one medium and one large) black numbers on wheels are sturdy and have seen me through numerous trips, but I want some colour in my travelling life.

blog case

The way I have done this so far (and also to differentiate my black case from the hundreds of black cases at the airport baggage claim ) is to adorn it with numerous colourful baggage straps top to bottom and side to side in a sort of criss-cross fashion – so that mine stands out from the crowd.

What I would really like is to customise my cases – so rather than buy a new one have decided to start adding stickers and badges on my plain black ones.  Recreating something like the case shown below is what I have in mind, however, it won’t have the character and richness of being on a lovely brown leather case, as in days gone by.

blog case2

I can slowly transform my dull black cases into a thing of some character and beauty like this lovely specimen.

First overseas trip this year is today, 24th February, to Kazakhstan, where I am delivering a management training programme for executives at a Corporate University all week.  At least my first new badges will be from somewhere that I have never been before.

There will be updates on this blog about how my customised travel look is developing.  I also always post films from my travels on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages – so connect with me on social media using this my ONE digital signature.

Józefa Fawcett’s World Speaking & Training Tour 2014


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