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January 12, 2013

2013 on fire

This picture taken one minute into Jan 1, 2013 in Les Arcs, some 2000 metres up a French mountain, signifies the business mood I want to adopt during this coming year.  Just like the numbers burning brightly in the dark against the snow and cold of the air, during 2013, LearningVoice is going to be ‘on fire’.

With so many exciting activities already planned, alongside new opportunities, this year looks as if it is going to be the year that training, learning, knowledge, voicing and quality will feature strongly in organisations around the world as part of their re-growth plans.  To lift our fortunes up from the dying embers of a long and devastating world-wide recession, we need to have more than just a ‘can-do’ attitude, we need to raise our game, leveraging our opportunities and thoughts higher than just one level. Forget about simply setting goals and creating impossible lists of (sometimes) unattainable milestones.  Spurred on by a recently featured quote by Carl Jung “Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens” – my mantra for this year is :

Keep it real!

Keep it focused!

Keep it going!

In order to make a real difference and affect change, we need to be ‘on-fire’ ourselves – so come on 2013, bring it on!



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July 18, 2012

The learning journey continues…

I am really enjoying undertaking a re-brand of LearningVoice and in so doing creating a series of virtual ‘me’ images to eventually use as part of the different learning, training, knowledge and speaking offerings available from LearningVoice and JozefaVO and UListen2.

Watching my extremely talented illustrator at work creating these illustrations is a dream, click on image below to see more…



April 2, 2012

So excited to launch my very first App – Business Vocal Coaching App (BVCA) on iOS for iPhones and all Apple devices. The Android version is currently being produced and will be available by May.

This great little App designed to help those who are new to speaking in public or who just want to create the kind of business voice that not only gets heard, but listened to as well.

I hope that you enjoy listening to the 5 minute audio and then capturing three key phrases or words that will support you next time you need to speak out.

This will be shortly followed by my UListen2 Audio Learning Programme series for those who want to go that bit deeper and understand how to use their voice to its fullest potential in a range of business situations.

Here is the link to the iTunes store where you can download the App for FREE!



March 19, 2012

Just spent two days working with the European Patent Office in Vienna and who did I meet there?  A lovely lady called Josefa.

In all of my working life, I have never actually met another Jozefa and so I am delighted to introduce one to you from the EPO Vienna.

This was a great experience, not just for meeting her, but also the opportunity to run a training workshop with a superb group of experienced trainers.

I was covering how to design training that will prompt people into action and change their behaviour – focusing on Instructional Design approaches that really work!

If we are going to design training, then we have to be more than just “enter-trainers” – it must have substance, be based upon sound pedagogical constructs, but responsive to adult learners.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself helping the group to work through a detailed case study and the resulting examples were fantastic!  I am back in Vienna at the end of April so will see my fellow Josefa again 🙂

Józefa (Fawcett) in UKLearningVoice