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January 12, 2013

2013 on fire

This picture taken one minute into Jan 1, 2013 in Les Arcs, some 2000 metres up a French mountain, signifies the business mood I want to adopt during this coming year.  Just like the numbers burning brightly in the dark against the snow and cold of the air, during 2013, LearningVoice is going to be ‘on fire’.

With so many exciting activities already planned, alongside new opportunities, this year looks as if it is going to be the year that training, learning, knowledge, voicing and quality will feature strongly in organisations around the world as part of their re-growth plans.  To lift our fortunes up from the dying embers of a long and devastating world-wide recession, we need to have more than just a ‘can-do’ attitude, we need to raise our game, leveraging our opportunities and thoughts higher than just one level. Forget about simply setting goals and creating impossible lists of (sometimes) unattainable milestones.  Spurred on by a recently featured quote by Carl Jung “Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens” – my mantra for this year is :

Keep it real!

Keep it focused!

Keep it going!

In order to make a real difference and affect change, we need to be ‘on-fire’ ourselves – so come on 2013, bring it on!



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August 29, 2012

The journey continues…

Over the last 20 years,  I have been on an amazing learning journey of academic discovery.  I left school with just a clutch of what were once called ‘O’ levels (now GCSE’s) and a passion to work in make-up.  And I did.  I studied to be a beautician, I trained in stage and photographic make-up and went on to have a very successful career in the cosmetic world.  Never did I think that I needed to study more, I was enjoying myself too much.

After progressing through various training roles and then mainstream HR roles in the private sector, in 1990, I went into the public sector to work in the UK NHS, and it was there that I met my former manager, Steve Collins.  He awakened my interest in academic study and research and though I was very nervous about stepping foot inside a classroom again, adult education beckoned and so I started my academic journey culminating in a Post-Graduate Masters Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management in 2000.

Me and Steve Collins in 1992

Steve made me realise that it wasn’t the qualifications per se, that were important – even though they were a representation to a traditional world that I had a certain level of academic attainment –  but the fact that I was continually learning, and more importantly, using that learning to improve my professional practice in training and development.

Fast forward to 2012, and I am still learning and doing various amounts of research to support my professional practice, so thank you Steve!

To celebrate my forthcoming first decade working as an independent training practitioner and learning specialist in LearningVoice (2002-2012), I have decided to make freely available some of my best bits of research in the form of journal articles, favourite learning films and podcasts.

I have also created a UNIQUE CARTOON about a fictional organisation, called, “The Company” to discuss the journey that they are making towards quality improvement and excellence.

All of this material can be found in my newly created ‘Research Unit’ entitled O.F.Q.T – which stands for “Organising the Fundamentals for Quality in Training”

Here is the LINK – watch, listen and enjoy!