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March 7, 2011

>The learning journey continues…

Last Friday, I attended another wonderful ‘Trainer Talk Live’ event with the superb Sharon Gaskin from the Trainers Training Company at which I met Jo Dodds, an authoritative and engaging speaker who proceeded to tell us all how to use social media.

Not only did we learn so much, it was fun too – a rare combination!

The important thing I reflected upon after the event is a) how much I already knew and was doing and b) how valuable it was to have what I knew endorsed – and then some!

It is so easy to assume that just because you have done something quite successfully for years and there are no particular problems, that you know it all – in fact it is quite dangerous as we can all slip into bad habits or even the perennial, “I know I should be doing X, but haven’t got round to it yet”. This can compromise the quality of what we do, which becomes much harder to rectify as time goes on.

This is also true when trainers start to think about their training, facilitating and coaching ability.  Those who have done it for a long time,  should also consider reviewing their skills and performance with another professional.

At the above event, I mentioned a brand new service that I have introduced whereby trainers can do just that, engage in Professional Supervision, to improve the quality of their provision.

“Learning is an ongoing process”, or so we say to those who take part in our various sessions – so then it must apply to us too!


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