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July 12, 2013


After six months of work travel around the world, I am happily sitting here in my garden in the South of England catching a few British summer rays and reflecting upon what I have done, where I have been, what I have learned and, more importantly, what am I going to do differently in the next six months.

It’s crazy how busy life and work can be and the almost impossible task of reflecting never quite seems to happen as often as it should.

When I say I am a learning specialist, this is often followed up with the question, yes, but what do you do?  Well, this is now my refined reply:

I offer those who want to use learning and training as a business improvement method, help with creating strategies, systems, processes and programmes that really make a difference, so that they can achieve more of the results that they want.


What have I done these last six months and where have I been?

I have been doing this around most of the UK (Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Peterborough, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester) and abroad to Beijing,  Jakarta,  Sydney, Kuwait,  Abu Dhabi and Barcelona – phew!  And now is time to down tools and stop for a few weeks and reflect.


What have I learned?

So much about how different business people in different cultures around the world want many of the same things.  Better opportunities to improve their own business status and position.  A chance to connect with like-minded people in other sectors.  Ways to improve the work that they, and their teams, achieve.  Tips on how to build their confidence in their various work situations.  Ideas about how to do things differently and cope with the changing economic climates.  I have also learned that no matter where I go I am starting to make a difference with some of my ideas and approaches – huge boost for my confidence after launching myself into an unknown International marketplace.


Where am I off to during the next six months?

Coming up from August to December my next few trips include: Malaysia, Moscow, Amsterdam, Armutlu (Turkey), Hong Kong, Kuwait, Moscow (again), Nairobi, Pisa and Istanbul.  I will be doing a mixture of recording my next set of audio learning CD’s for launch in the Autumn, running HRD conferences (and speaking at them too), delivering training workshops, getting involved and speaking at a massive African venture that is promoting women’s development and contributing to European Commission trans-national learning projects.  This is a really diverse mix that is sure to keep me out of trouble at least 😉

I will continue to blog (instead of just Facebooking) insights and pictures with my ‘Roving Reporter’ series and share with my social media sites too as I have neglected this blog area for far too long.

For now, a bit of a relax with the family and recharging of the batteries and looking forward to the next six months with eager anticipation.