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June 6, 2011

I am very proud to announce that I have a brand new and exciting Voice-Over website which has just gone ‘live’ – you can find it at this URL


This has been a significant achievement for me as for many years now I have dabbled in the area of VO with a dream of doing something very visible and ‘out-there’ but never really making the time to do anything about it – until now!

The last six months have been spent getting myself and my home recording booth ready with the necessary equipment and skills to undertake a variety of voicing commissions, such as:

  • voice-over for corporate training films or business promotions
  • audio books
  • podcasts
  • webinars
  • online learning tutorials and e-learning
  • radio anchor
  • live conference speaking
  • front of camera presenting documentaries or news items

Because of my background and experience in training and learning, I bring additional skills to those looking for a voice-over, these include:

  • script writing for e-learning programmes
  • a unique programme for teaching others instructional design principles (more of this in another post)

For now, I hope you will visit my new VO website and ask you to remember me next time you meet someone who wants a ‘voice’ for their business – thank you for helping me make this dream come true!


LearningVoice Website

Voice-Over Website



March 31, 2011

I am starting a nine-month study into what makes some organisations successful in their use of the Corporate University approach and why some are not so successful. I am doing this slightly differently from the normal standard “survey” and from three different perspectives.

In order to gather the data that I need, I am looking for people who are interested in being part of this study and therefore am inviting expressions of interest from:

1. Organisations that already use the CU approach and believe that it is successful and meets their business needs

2. Organisations that would very much like to adopt the CU approach, but have yet to get started

3. Independent training, learning, HR and knowledge management practitioners that provide training design and delivery or e-learning programmes that are used in a CU LMS or are involved in creating knowledge sharing networks or putting in place talent management schemes or onboarding programmes

The interim results of this research will be presented at a forthcoming conference currently being planned to take place in Dubai in 2011 and a follow up final presentation at a conference in Zurich in 2012.

Please write to me for more information Email:



February 28, 2011

>The learning journey continues…

I posted this tweet this morning in an attempt to kick start discussion, not least of all with my University students (Post Graduate Masters in HRM) on my current ‘Designing and Delivering Training’ module.

Problems with online courses: money, quality or inertia and is this why so many are against this method of learning?

This week we are discussing how to incorporate learning 2.0 into training activity and what better way to start this off than to engage in a debate about whether online learning will really reduce the number of trainers, lecturers and professors that are needed in the various learning establishments. I am not convinced that this will be the case, despite the early warnings from the New York Times which have predicted this so eloquently

Having just secured FOUR virtual tutor/assessor/facilitator positions for 2011, covering a range of programmes at level 7 (Post Grad equivalent) each in part being delivered in a blended approach using trainers, open learning material, online learning material and discussion boards this highlights, if nothing else, the changing role of the trainer in today’s learning 2.0 world.

So, I wonder where the problem lies? IMHO, the quality of the training products, irrespective of how these are being delivered in person or online is becoming of paramount importance. Poor content creates a negativity and possibly this is what has put many people, trainers included, off engaging in online training.

What do you think?


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